Man in bikini gets left behind.

The Seizethecity vlogger duo (Dean & Darren) gather up the girls and get the old classic 1965 Ford Fairlane out the garage and make their way to the “Trash Cabaret: Carnival of Dreams” party in the Hillcrest Quarry. They heard about the event while chatting to Riaan Smit, one of the founders of the Trash Cabaret, while out on a First Thursday Live Music Search.

Carnival of Dreams – Let the craziness unfold in 4k

After an epic sunset drive in Darren’s Old Classic Ford Fairlane through the swartland we arrived at the Hillcrest Quarry not knowing what to expect. The music was rumbling, the lights were flashing and people were heading in one direction: towards the main stage…

So what exactly is a “Trash Cabaret”?

The Trash Cabaret is a collaboration group bringing artists from different backgrounds and cultures together to create a unique circus experience you won’t see anywhere else in South Africa, and maybe the world. With a South African twist, they present fire, dance, burlesque, acrobatics and absolutly fantastic live music in an extraordinary lineup of entertainment. You can follow the Trash Cabaret on their Facebook Page to get updates on their latest activity and their next event.

This Event took place at:

Trash Cabaret Live in Langa

The Next Trash Cabaret Event: Live in Langa is taking place on the 26th of November 2016.

Venue:  Guga S’thebe Arts and Culture Centre
Washington St, Langa, Cape Town, 7455

Details on their FB Event Page.

Q. Will it kill you?
A. If you stay off the stage you will survive

Q. Value for money
A. its not money

Q. Are the kids invited?
A.  Watch the video, make your own decision

Q. And if it rains?
A. lets hope it doesnt