Cape Town’s own little Central Park

The first settlers at the Cape arrived as employees of the VOC. (The Dutch East India Company) One of their main objectives was to establish a garden for fresh produce. This garden still stands today and is know as the Company Gardens.

The Company Gardens are ideal for a quick escape of the bustling city. Take a stroll, relax on a bench and enjoy the scenery. The area is home to a variety of Museums including the SA Museum and the National Art Gallery. The gardens are well known for feeding squirrels and pigeons. You can buy nuts at the coffee shop in the middle of the gardens.

  • Price: Free to roam around
  • Location: Centre of Cape Town, just of Queen Victoria Road
  • Tips: It is a fairly safe environment, just be vigilant and don’t feel bad about saying NO to vagrants should they hassle you.

The Company Gardens are included in the following scheduled tours: