Hermanus has so much to offer

Hermanus is a peaceful seaside village about an hour and a half away from Cape Town. Hermanus offers some of the best whale watching opportunities in the world both from land and sea, but there are many many other fun activities to keep you busy in Hermanus.

Thank you Tania form I love Hermanus without you this video could never of happened.

Fancy having yourself a day or two like we had? Let us know, and we can put something awesome together. 

Q. Will it kill you?
A. Take it easy on the roads and dont swim with sharks. Then you should be fine.

Q. Value for money
A. Hermanus is a tourist town, but we found everything to be failry normal priced.

Q. Are the kids invited?
A.  All depends on what you want to get up to. But yes, there is plenty for them to do.

Q. And if it rains?
A. Rain Rain go away, come again another day!

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