Boulders Beach African Penguin Colony

Boulders Beach is a picturesque white sand beach, surrounded by massive granite boulders. It is located just south of Simons Town and is home to the Cape Peninsulas largest African Penguin colony.

African Penguins were previously known as jackass penguins as their call resembles that of a donkey. They are the only penguins that are found and breed on the African continent.

Over the last few decades commercial fishing, marine pollution and humans encroaching on their habitat have dramatically reduced the size of the colony. From numbers up to over a million in early 1900’s they were brought down to an endangered species by the 80s. Boulders Beach has been closed off to the public as a swimming beach allowing the numbers to slowly replenish in the last few years.

Its a great place to now go see them undisturbed by humans. There are penguins here all round the year. The best time to see them is early morning or in the afternoon as they return from the fishing outings.

  • Entrance fee:  R70 Adult  R35 Kids 
  • Location: Simons Town
  • Tickets: At the door

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